With RJS VB Scripting Engine and the sample LDAP script, you can work with RJS Software to troubleshoot the syntax needed to authenticate with an LDAP server:
To test the LDAP script:
  1. Save the sample VB script file in C:\Program files\RJSVBSCRIPT.
  2. Open RJS Script Editor from C:\program files\RJSVBSCRIPT\rjsscripteditor.exe.
  3. In RJS Script Editor, open the RJSLDAPAuthentication.BAS script file. 
  4. Look at the main() subroutine and make any required changes to the source for authenticating against your LDAP server:
    • To authenticate to Microsoft Active Directory, use:


    • To authenticate to a regular LDAP server with user formatting common name, use:


    • To authenticate against a regular LDAP server and auto-format the common name, use:

      rtn = RJSLDAPAuthenticate("", "user", "password", "*CN", 1)

  5. Press F8 to step through the script to see if the LDAP information correctly authenticates against your Microsoft Active Directory, Novell, or other LDAP-enabled directory.
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