If you have issues with the output from the OnePrint Client Express AFP/IPDS emulator, create a report trace file which Lognet software engineers can analyze:
  1. In the OnePrint emulator, click the Advanced tab.
    1. Check Enable logging.
    2. In Log to file, type TRACE.TXT.
    3. In Limit size of log file to (Kilobytes), choose 500000.
  2. On the bottom right of the emulator window, click the gray down arrow to display additional settings.

    The What to log page displays.

    1. In Host Connection, check Messages and Dump.
    2. In Printer Connection, check Messages and Dump.
    3. In Technical Support, check Messages.
  3. Restart OnePrint.

    Note: You must do this or the report dump may not work correctly.

  4. Start the iSeries printer writer for OnePrint and print a job to the printer.
  5. After printing completes, click the Advanced tab again.
  6. Click Build Pack to create the file PACKET.TXT in the folder C:\Program Files\Lognet Ltd\OnePrint ClientExpress.

    Note: If OnePrint locks up during processing, restart OnePrint.

  7. Zip the PACKET.TXT file since it can become quite large.
  8. Email the zipped file to technical support.
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