You can use the RJSDOMCHK API to determine what causes errors in Domino Report Server/400 such as:

NTSERR: Error opening database AS400RPT.NSF
To use the RJS Domino Check API:
  1. Download the RJSDOMCHK library and run the EXE to upload the library to the iSeries
  2. On the iSeries, add RJSDOMCHK to your library list:


  3. Run the NTSSVRCHK command using the Domino Server name.

    For example:


    Note: If you don't know the Domino Server name, run the WRKDOMSVR command to display a list of Domino Servers on the iSeries.

  4. After NTSSVRCHK completes, a log displays whether the command was successful or if it failed. Use these error messages help figure out what the problem is.

    Note: If you receive no response from the PING, you need to create a host table entry for the Domino Server:

    1. Type GO CFGTCP.
    2. Choose 10. Work with TCP/IP host table entries.
    3. Create a host table entry for the Domino Server.
    4. Repeat these steps until you can PING your Domino Server.
  5. Run the NTSSVRCHK command with your Domino Server and try to open the ADMIN4.NSF file, which should be present on all Domino Servers.

    For example:


  6. After the command runs, the error log displays. Go to the bottom of the error log and work backwards to see if the command ran successfully. If it did, you should see the following message:

    ** Program Test completed successfully **

  7. If NTSSVRCHK doesn't work on the first try, you can also try to use the syntax in the following example:


    Note: If you run this command multiple times, it continues to add to the log, so always check the bottom of the log for messages.

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