This can happen if the customers email server does not like the standard linefeed (LF) characters that the Email Report Server sends after each line of data when sending a message. In order to stop the message corruption the Email Report Server settings must be configured to send a CR/LF (Carriage Return/Linefeed) at the end of each message line.  


After installing Email Report Server/400 V1.39 or above, the following change can be made to make sure that a CR/LF (Carriage Return/Linefeed) combination is always sent at the end of each message line. 
Run one of the following commands below as needed:
Enable sending CR/LF combinations after each line in an email message. This should prevent attachment file corruption during emailing.
Reset to default Email Report Server setting for Base64 conversion. This will only send a LF character after each message line. 
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