The following settings can be changed to support secure SMTP with SMTP/400. These settings are typically used if a customers SMTP server does not allow mail relaying to prevent spammers from using their mail server. 
1.) Install the '''RJSSMTP''' Library '''V1.31''' or above.
2.) Run the '''SMTPSECURE''' command and change to *YES.  If '''SMTPSECURE''' is set to *YES, the software will use "auth plain" security to authenticate to the remote smtp server. Our testing was done with ms exchange, but this should also work with other smtp servers that support smtp authentication. 
3.) Use the '''SMTPUSER''' command to enter the secure SMTP user ID and password. This will usually be a valid MS Exchange User ID and password that could theoretically also be used with MS Outlook Express. SMTPUSER is used to set smtp user/password info to authenticate to the selected smtp server. 
After entering these settings, you should be able to send reports via your MS Exchange Mail Server via secure SMTP.
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