When you send an email via SMTP with Email Report Server/400, Enterprise Fax, or SMTP/400, you get a message that the server is unable to communicate with the FaxPress Server and nothing displays in the outgoing fax queue.


Check the following:
  1. Make sure the following were created on the server:
    • FaxPress user:
      • On the server, in Users, there should be a user with the name of the FaxPress serial number.
      • In Shared Folders > Sessions, there should be a user login.
    • FaxPress Group: A FAXPRESS group.
  2. Make sure that the PDF is being sent to FaxPress. The path is on the SMTP Gateway / Temp tab.
  3. In the Castelle folder, make sure there are 5 folders.  If there are only 2 folders, the user is not logging in.
  4. In Castelle Folder Sharing, choose Allow Sharing for all network users.
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