The following steps can be done to set up a Windows print driver that prints as a LPR printer from a Windows 2000 PC. This can be used to print reports from the WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms software or any other Windows application directly to an AS/400 output queue for printing via the AS/400. 

In Windows 2000, do the following:
  1. Select Start/Settings/Printers/Add Printer.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select Local printer.
  4. Create a new port.
  5. Select Standard TCP/IP Port. Click Next twice.
  6. Enter the AS/400 IP address for the printer name (The port name will fill itself in automatically) and click Next.
  7. For additional port information, select Custom and then click the Settings button.
  8. Change protocol to LPR.
  9. Change queue name to an existing output queue name on the AS/400.  Example: QPRINT.
  10. Important: Enable the LPR byte counting enabled setting, otherwise you may receive errors from the AS/400 print spooling subsystem.
  11. Click OK to save additional port information.
  12. Click Next to continue.
  13. Click Finish to save the new port settings.
  14. Select a Windows print driver that matches the AS/400 printer connected to the queue you will be printing to. Example: HP4000, IBM Infoprint 17, etc.
  15. Complete the printer setup.
  16. After the printer has been set up, any windows program can print to the new print driver and the output should print from the AS/400 by spooling automatically to the selected AS/400 output queue. 
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