User gets the following error in the AS/400 job log when launching a doc with DOCIMAGEVW command:
430 Class Does't Support Automation Error when Launching Image Viewer with DOCIMGVW command


User may have installed new viewer EXE and needs to register the program so it can be launched correctly as an ActiveX EXE.
Select Start/Run and type the following:   
C:\Program Files\RJSIMGDOC\RJSIMGDOC.EXE  /RegServer
User may have called the DOCIMGVW command with the CLOSEPGM parameter set to 0 and they may have selected File/Exit which caused the RJS Image Doc program to remain open in memory even though it didn't show. 
This also causes the 430 error. 
To resolve the problem, bring up the Windows task manager and kill all instances of the RJS Image Document Viewer program and then run the DOCIMGVW command with the CLOSEPGM parameter set to 1.
The PC that is doing the scanning only had 256 MB of memory.  The PC seemed to be running out of memory not only causing the error 430, but he was also having problems with the scanner dropping off line.  The error that was occuring was: "The Image Scanner cannot be found. Please check power supply, cable connection, and the scanner is not being used by another application.  (Code DS42019)
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