When starting the RPG2SQL PC Component as a Windows service, the service appears to start, but you cannot connect to the RPG2SQL from your RPG program. 


Check the Windows event log and look for the following error:
DCOM Error: 10000
Unable to start a DCOM Server: {97E109A2-EC91-4DD4-A65A-13FC3B9232AD}. The error: "The system cannot find the file specified. "
This problem occured while starting this command: C:\Program Files\rpgsqlsv\RPGSQLSV.EXE -Embedding
If you moved C:\Program Files\rpgsqlsv folder to another drive, such as the D: drive, the new path should be: D:\Program Files\rpgsqlsv
Run through REGEDIT.EXE and search for  RPGSQLSV.EXE and manually update the registry entry that may still point to C:\Program Files\rpgsqlsv\RPGSQLSV.EXE to be D:\Program Files\rpgsqlsv\RPGSQLSV.EXE 
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