In the unlikely event the Sequel Maintenance Wizard cannot be used to upgrade your Abstract software, you can use FTP to move the necessary programs to the System i. The steps are outlined below.

Please see the chart below for the appropriate file name for the product you are installing.

  1.     Create an empty SAVF on the IBM i system: CRTSAVF (MYLIB/XX_SAVF) where XX is an abbreviation for the product you’re installing. See chart below for suggestions.
        Sequel example: CRTSAVF (MYLIB/SQ_SAVF)
  2.     On your PC, navigate to the file you downloaded from the website.
    1.     Right-click the file and choose 7-Zip > Open Archive. If you do not have 7-Zip, download it from
    2.     Open $TEMP.
    3.     Open HelpSystems$_XX (where "XX" is a number, for example, "HelpSystems$_22").
    4.     Right-click the file with the .PT extension and select Open Inside to view the contents of the executable file.
    5.     Locate the save file with the same name as the file from step d (but without the .PT extension).
    6.     Click and drag the SAVF file to the C:/ drive on your PC – see the table below (under “SAVF Name in Executable”) to identify the correct product SAVF name.
  3.     On your PC, at the command prompt, type the following to transfer the SAVF to the IBM i system (if FTP is not available, skip to step 4).
    1.     FTP SystemName
    2.     Enter the IBM i user profile and password.
    3.     LCD C:\
    4.     BIN
    5.     PUT XXXXXX mylib/XX_SAVF where XXXXXX is the SAVF name from Step 2.
          (Abstract example: PUT ABSTRACT10 MYLIB/AB_SAVF)
    6.     Once finished, type QUIT
    7.     Then type EXIT
  4.     If you were able to FTP the save files continue with step 5. However, if FTP is restricted with your network, you can use iNavigator (iNav) to get the save files onto your IBM i system.
    1. Create a directory on the IBM i system to move the save files to:


      Where XXXXXX is the save file name in the executable.
    2. Using iNav, drag/copy the save file from your PC to the '/ABSTRACTTEMP/XXXXXX/' directory.
    3. Use the CPY command to copy XXXXXX from the '/ABSTRACTTEMP/XXXXXX' directory to the appropriate save file. (Note: The command is one line.)


      Abstract example:
  1.    On the IBM i system, at a command line, type:
        LODRUN and prompt with F4.
  2.     Change device to *SAVF and press Enter.
  3.     Save file: XX_SAVF and library: MYLIB and press Enter.
  4.     The install/update screen will appear. Follow the instructions from there to finish the process.
  5.     To load more than one product, repeat these steps for each product using a different empty save file. 


ProductSuggested Empty SAVF Name
SAVF Name in Executable


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