When you try to retrieve a list of reports from an output queue, you get the following error:


There are several possible solutions:
  • The user does not have authority to the output queue.
  • The output queue does not exist.
  • On the Retrieve Output Queue List screen, you did not fill the output queue and library name correctly.
  • The user does not have authority to the WINSPOOL library.
  • The user ID has Limited Capabilities set to *YES.
  • If you are using V4R3, the API length in the data area QLISTLEN in libraries WINSPOOL and RPTSPLIT30 is not set to 88. To set this value:
    • On a command line, type WSPLOS and press F4.
    • Change the value from 82 to 88.
    • Press Enter.

      Note: If the QLISTLEN data area is incorrect, the spool list problem may not occur if there is only one spool file in the selected output queue.

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