Problem Statement:

Can Showcase Query be used to query Non - iSeries databases?


Showcase (Query and Report Writer) is an ODBC-compliant application. While Query and Report Writer may allow you to query any database provided you have an ODBC connection to that database, the functionality may not be equivalent to that provided by the Showcase iSeries ODBC driver. Showcase will provide limited support for non-Showcase ODBC drivers such as  SQL, ORACLE, Paradox, Excel, Dbase, Text, FoxPro, and Access.

  • Showcase does not test or certify data sources other than Showcase iSeries ODBC driver.
  • Showcase will be unable to reproduce Query and Report Writer problems reported against ODBC data sources other than Showcase AS/400 ODBC data source.
  • For problems with a Non-ShowCase ODBC data source, ShowCase will need the following information to assist with problem resolution:
    • Versions of software being used
    • A printout of the Query Properties information
    • The SELECT statement - The exact error message being encountered (if any)
    • A thorough description of the problem
    • An ODBC Trace
    • Information concerning the data being queried may be needed for some problems.

With the above information ShowCase should be able to make a determination whether the problem is with Query and/or Report Writer, or the ODBC driver; or, if it is environment-related. If the problem is in Query or Report Writer, ShowCase will attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem. Because the problem is occurring in a untested environment, ShowCase may require assistance from the customer in duplicating problem or providing further information.

When the problem is resolved, ShowCase will need the customer's assistance in testing the resolution. In cases where the customer is not able to provide the additional assistance required, ShowCase may be unable to resolve the problem.


Ref#: 1476742





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