You can password-protect report conversions so that you need to enter a password to print specific forms. For example: A check or a run of checks.
Note: This article does not include information on PDF encryption, PDF password protection, or password-protecting form templates. For that information, see:
  • WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Print Server version 1.0.73 or above
  • WinSpool/400 Electronic Forms Merge Engine version or above. To check your version, view the properties of the file RJSFormMerge.exe.
Note: Every time you make changes to this form, go through these steps again to password-protect the conversion using the modified form. Make sure that you have completed all the changes on the FormDocs form template before continuing.
To add password protection during report conversion:
  1. Open the FormDocs form template.
  2. From the menu, choose File > Preview in Filler.

    FormDocs Filler opens.

  3. From the FormDocs Filler menu, choose Tools > Protection.

    Protection displays.

  4. In Password to Open, enter the password for conversion and click OK.

    Warning: Do NOT enter a password in Password to Modify. If you do, the form will not work.

  5. Retype your password to confirm it and click OK.

  6. From the menu, choose File > Save. Make sure you save this FDD file with the same file name and directory as the original FormDocs form template.

    Note: By default, FormDocs form templates are saved in C:\Program Files\FormDocs\Templates.

    Now, when you merge a report, you are prompted for a password:

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