Quite often, it is necessary to set up a spool file in more than one Report or Set. Each spool file should have different spool file comparisons to identify them properly, but occasionally they change, or are not set up correctly. To verify which Report or Set will process a spool file, use the command REPDTMSET.

To use the REPDTMSET command:

  1. Add RBTREPLIB to your library list, as follows:


  2. Enter the following command and press F4 to prompt it:


  3. The Determine Search Set (REPDTMSET) panel displays.

  4. Enter the name of the output queue where the report to be tested resides and press Enter. A list of the entries in that output queue displays.

  5. Enter a 1 beside the report to be tested. The name of the Robot Reports Report Set and Report Name that will process this spool file will display. If the Report Set and Report Name are *NONE, the report is either not set up, or is set up improperly.



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