The following URL samples show you how to use WebDocs Windows URL searching to call WebDocs searches from other applications. With URL searching, you only need to type the appropriate URL to seamlessly integrate other applications with WebDocs. 
Note: These examples require WebDocs Windows version 1.0.50 or above.
Note: You must first log in to WebDocs before running any URL searches.

URL Keywords

  • action=  Determines the action to be performed.

    Note: This option is required unless you are opening a document directly with the documentkey parameter. (See example 4, below.)

    Values include:

    • search to perform a search.
    • details to open the details of the document you specify in the documentkey parameter.

      Note: This option requires WebDocs Windows version 1.2.1 or above.

  • doctitle=  Restrict the document search by document title.
  • doctypekey=  Restrict the document search by Document Type, such as AR, AP, engineering, and so on.
  • userdefined1= through userdefined30= Restrict the document search by the value of search-keys 1-30. You can use any combination of the keys to search for a document.
  • documentkey= Open the document with the specified WebDocs Document ID.

URL Search Examples

Use the following syntax to build a document-search URL:
  • Always type a question mark (?) after webdoc.aspx.
  • Use an ampersand (&) after each additional keyword you include.
  • Include action=search with all document searches.
Example 1: Searching for documents with the document title TestTitle:
Example 2: Searching for documents with search-key 1 application:
Example 3: Searching for document with search-key 1 application and search-key 2 micro:
Example 4: Opening the document with Document ID E20A8594-E2CC-480E-87CD-B43611D22EE9:
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