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  • Added support for Int2of5 barcode creation from within report scripts


  • Added the ability to allow conversion of values to camel-case format




  • Removed several unneeded dependencies



NOTE: This release is recommended for iForms Server v2.04.00 or greater.



  • Add QRCode barcode support.

  • Add OneCode barcode support.

  • The iForms Server plugin size default size is now 600 x 600.
  • Encrypt Datasource passwords so they are no longer stored plain text.

  • Encrypt the iForms Server password so it is no longer stored in plain text.

  • Update the form compiler to resolve issue with Java 8.

  • Update the Commons-codec library.

  • Moved most server requests to background threads.

  • Added user defined data and pages columns to spool file list.

  • Added manage button to the settings tab. This button will launch the server admin page in the default browser.

  • Added preview buttons to the extractor tab. The preview button will run a merge of the current template on the iForms Server using the selected environment, datasource, extractor template and spool, text or xml file.

  • Added sorting to the Extractor Template list. Files in the same subdirectories will now display together.

  • The iForms Server plugin will now auto-connect to the server on startup.

  • Enhanced get report query from open form template. It will now resolve the default value of referenced form parameters.

  • Test merge output file will now launch in the default application if the application path setting is not s

  • Enhanced user experience when working with xml datasources.
  • Added Xml Datasource management to the iForms Server plugin.
  • Automatically connect to the iForms Server if valid server information is stored.
  • Update the warning message on the bottom of the Connection Properties dialog.
  • Modify the XMLFieldMappingEditor works.
  • Xml namespaces are ignored by default.
  • Added record limit setting to the Query tab.
  • Added status to the bottom of the query tab.
  • Added spool file limit setting to the Extract Spool File tab.
  • Double clicking on the Local File System label on the Templates tab will launch the local template location in the default file manager.

NOTE: The following enhancement requires iForms Server 2.04.00 or greater.

  • Added  the ability to remove tables from the iForms Server datasource.  Select a table and press delete.




  • iForms Designer does not appear to be saving the plugin height on exit.

  • Remove .java files after compile.
  • Fixed scroll bug with combo boxes.





  • Add PDF417 barcode support. (Requires iForms Server 2.02.00 or greater)
  • Add common script samples to expressions.xml.
  • Fix issue with PDF Preview introduced with Java update 7.21
  • iForms Server Plugin
    • Update tooltips
    • Reorder iForms Server plugin tabs for improved user experience.
    • Additional adjustments to user interface.
    • Make input text file textbox editable.
    • Fixed minor bug in the query result xml parser.
  • stdout and stderr now write to %TEMP%iFormsDesignerStderr.log.
  • This release is recommended for iForms Server 2.02.00 or greater.





  • Fork iReport 3.0.0 so RJS Software can provide updates and bug fixes to iReport.
  • Change branding to iForms Designer
  • Change Designer defaults
    • Page Size: Letter
    • Margins: 0.25”
    • Scripting Language: Java
    • Units: Inches
    • Font Family: DejaVu
    • Keep .java files: false
    • Change the form unit description from pixels to points. Points are the correct unit of measure for PDFs and Printing.
  • Simplify JDBC datasource creation.
  • Remove uncommon JDBC Drivers
  • Add common JDBC Drivers
  • Set correct default URLs for JDBC Drivers
  • Fix the JDBC URL Wizard
  • Move the configuration files location from "user.home/.ireport/config.xml" to "%APPDATA%/.iforms/config.xml" when installing on Windows.
  • Remove unnecessary plug-ins
  • Replace the iReport EXE wrapper with a new one that allows the opening of template files by double clicking on them.
  • The iForms Designer installer requires that 32 bit java is installed. After installation is complete 32 or 64 bit java can be used.
  • Add iForms Server plug-in under the plug-ins menu. This plugin allows direct interaction with the iForms Server via HTTPS on the default port of 9715.
  • iForms Server plug-in requires iForms Server version 2.01.00 or greater.
  • Plugin is available via the iForms Designer Plugins Tab.
  • Plugin settings are in "%APPDATA%/.iforms/”
  • The Plugin consists of a dialog window with the following tabs.
    • Settings
      • Connection settings and status.
      • A client certificate file can be exported from the iForms Server and then placed in the lib directory of the iForms Designer to enforce mutual authentication. If a certificate.cer file is detected and accepted the Security status will switch to "Full".
    • Table List
      • The table list tab shows tables available on the selected datasource as seen from the TableNameLookup SQL Query.
      • Double clicking on a table will set the REPORTSQL parameter to this table name in the Report Template. It will also set the default report query if no query is set.
      • Right clicking on a table will populate the query field with an SQL query that will display this table and swich to the query tab.
      • Max table count is controlled by “tables.maxlist” setting.
    • Query
      • The Query tab can be used to run a report query via iForms Server Datasource to verify the server sees the same data that the Designer does.  It can also run free form queries to aid in form design.
      • Clicking Run when the query field is blank will pull the query from the current report template.
      • Max Record count is controlled by “sql.limit” setting.
    • Templates
      • The Templates Tab is for downloading/uploading templates and images to the iForms Server.
      • Downloaded templates will be saved to "%APPDATA%\iFormsTemplates\<EnvironmentName>
      • Double clicking a template in the local pane will open that template file.
      • Right clicking in the local pane will open all selected templates.
    • Extract
      • The extract tab is for converting a text or spool file to a Table via an extractor template for use in the iForms Designer.
      • Spool files will be listed via the selected iForms Server  AS/400 Resource.
      • Max spool file count is controlled by “extract.spoollimit” setting.
      • Listing libraries and output queues is a slow process on many systems. Doing so may lock the user interface for up to 30 seconds.
      • Listing extractor templates in sub-directories of the selected environment requires iForms Server version 2.1.1. 




2010-02-16 iForms Designer release.


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