Added PRTSTDOUT parm to POPRECVJ command. This will create a spool file named: POPMAILLOG on success or POPMAILERR on failure. This will allow users to debug odd Java errors that may occur because the Java trace should show in the log file.

Java temp IFS files are now unique for each call to POPRECVJ in case users want to keep the IFS log output IFS files. IFS log output files are prefixed with: /RJSTEMP/JAVASTDOUT-POP400 and also have a job/timestamp suffix. Users can find all java log files via following cmd: WRKLNK '/RJSTEMP/JAVASTDOUT-POP400* Java IFS files are only kept if the DLTSTDOUT parameter is set to *NO.



Added POPHOST command TO GET HOST IPs. POPGET, POPMON and POPCOUNT all use the POPHOST command to get IP address via DNS if host name is passed to commands. POPRECVJ command already uses DNS because its java based API uses DNS.



Added POPMONJ command to front end the POPRECVJ command.



Updated the POPRECVJ command for retreiving POP3 messages. Added optional parm to the POPRECVJ command to determine whether to capture the entire MIME message body or just the message text info. Previously we captured the entire MIME message by default along with the file attachments. This could get very large in terms of disk storage, so we now capture just the message text by default along with the file attachments.

Parm name: FULLBODY. Default - *NO

  • NO - Capture message text only + attachments.
  • YES - Capture full MIME message file + attachments.

Also added the JAVAMEMORY parameter so that the memory buffer can be tweaked to allow us to download larger attachments. Default value for JAVAMEMORY - 300 (meg).



NOTE: Minimum OS/400 release is V5R1.



Updated RJSPOP3 java class to correctly delete messages after download. This will affect the POPRECVJ command. Note: The POPJAVAEN command should be run after this update to install the updated Java classes into /RJSJAVA/RJSPOP3



Added POPMAXLIN data area to POP/400. Default value=2000. This data area determines the maximum number of lines to attempt to read from an open POP3 connection when downloading an email message. Customer was running into issues if email connection timed out or disconnected while downloading email messages. This value can be raised or lowered, however we felt most inbound text email messages should not exceed 2000 lines.



Added POPRECVJ command to retreive emails and file attachments from a POP3 mailbox and process each message and its attachments with the POPNEWMSG command. Added POPCHKINC exit program for us with the POPNEWMSG command to check-in new emails directly into WebDocs.The source for POPCHKINC is included in the SOURCE file in library RJSPOP3.



Changed POPNEWMSG to allow the software to ignore the MSGATTACH IFS file if name is not passed. This allows users to save only the actual message attachments. Email text can be ignored.



Changed POPNEWMSG to correctly pass IFS file names to exit program. Was passing VARCHAR values with nulls, thus causing problems for the exit program processing. Specifically CHKOBJIFS would fail with a string length error.



Removed after processing exit program parm from POPNEWMSG. This is not needed since each message is processed individually.



Added POPNEWMSG command to create new messages from IFS attachments. This will be used with the new PC based mail download processing to create new messages and also track up to 10 attachments downloaded with each mail message. Added POPHDR2 file to hold each mail header and a pointer to IFS file attachments for each message. Added POPTEMP command to create /RJSTEMP IFS work folder.



Trim numeric values when sending retr and dele statements. this was causing lockups when retrieving messages from mailboxes.



Added LPAR access code checking option.



Added exit program handling after each message is downloaded when downloading to a message file.

Message headers are only included in the log if *YES is set for downloading headers.

Allow *NONE to be specified for the message file so only the log file gets created and used.



Created EBCDIC to ASCII translation table data areas and soft coded in POPGETR.



Changed error message severities to level 30.

Created POPMON command to monitor a POP3 mailbox at selected intervals.

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