22001                   No free handles
22002                   Cannot allocate memory
22003                   Not session owner
22004                   Cannot initialize network
22005                   Invalid host name
22006                   Cannot create socket
22007                   Cannot accept connection
22008                   Cannot connect to server
22009                   Cannot get peer information
22010                   Cannot bind socket
22011                   Cannot listen for connection
22012                   Invalid parameter passed to function
22013                   Invalid handle passed to function
22014                   Cannot select socket
22015                   Cannot read socket
22016                   Cannot write socket
22017                   End of data
22018                   Connection in use
22019                   Connection not in use
22020                   Timeout on socket operation
22021                   Internal synchronization error
22022                   Remote server closed connection
22023                   Remote server is not ready, try again
22024                   Remote server is not available
22025                   Unknown problem with remote server
22026                   Unable to create data connection
22027                   Data connection already open
22028                   Data connection is closed
22029                   File transfer aborted
22030                   Data connection is read-only
22031                   Data connection is write-only
22032                   Unable to set file type
22033                   Data connection is passive
22034                   Cannot determine server address
22035                   Cannot create local file
22036                   Cannot open local file
22037                   Cannot read local file
22038                   Cannot write local file
22039                   Cannot log in to remote server
22040                   Cannot open data connection
22041                   Remote file unavailable
22042                 Insufficient storage space
22043                   Command not recognized
22044                   Invalid command argument
22045                   Command not implemented
22046                   Invalid command sequence 
22047                   Not logged in on server
22048                   Account required for storing files
22049                   Cannot access file on server 
22050                   File exceeded storage allocation
22051                   Invalid file name
22052                   Unexpected server error
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