On October 15th, 2018, Powertech software products were renamed to better illustrate how these tools help secure your systems.

Previous Name New Name
Access Authenticator Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication
Agent for RSA SecurID Powertech RSA SecurID Agent for IBM i
Alignia for Business Security Powertech Event Manager
Authority Broker Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i
BoKS ServerControl Powertech Identity & Access Manager (BoKS)
Command Security Powertech Command Security for IBM i
Compliance Monitor Powertech Compliance Monitor for IBM i
Crypto Complete Powertech Encryption for IBM i
Data Thread Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i
Interact Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i
Network Security Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i
Password Self Help Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i
Policy Minder Powertech Security Auditor
Power Admin Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i
Risk Assessor Powertech Risk Assessor for IBM i
Stand Guard Anti-Virus for Linux and AIX Powertech Antivirus
Stand Guard Anti-Virus for IBM i Powertech Antivirus for IBM i

What Changed

The names of products in the Powertech product line were updated on Fortra.com, throughout the Fortra Customer Portal, on billing documents, and more.

Changes to the names of Powertech products will not affect the way the software functions. We are currently in the process of applying these name changes within the products themselves.

Clearer Security Product Names

Fortra security software, including the Powertech product line, has always included first-class solutions designed to protect critical data. When the product line first launched, it included just a few products. But the threat landscape has changed considerably in recent years. We’ve added new products to the Powertech portfolio to meet the growing demand for effective, easy-to-use solutions for IBM i, AIX, and Linux.

As the world of cybersecurity has grown more complex, simplicity has become more valuable than ever. That’s why we’re integrating more and more Powertech solutions into Fortra Insite—the single pane of glass for managing IT across your organization.

We’ve also heard from you—our customers—how helpful it is to see a product name and instantly recognize how that product helps you secure your environment. The new, clearer names are designed to make your interaction with your software faster and more seamless.

As always, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and support to you. In the coming months, you’ll see product names updated throughout your product interfaces. If you have any questions about how these product updates will affect you, contact Fortra Support.

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