To move the WinSpool/400 Lotus Notes Report Server database template to production on a Lotus Notes/Domino Server:

  1. In Batch Report Server Settings, go to the Edit Output Directory List page.
  2. In Output PC Directory, enter a valid directory name.

    Note: Do not use C:\ since the report is temporarily saved in this directory before being sent to the Lotus Notes database. RJS Software recommends using the C:\WSPBCH32 directory.

  3. Check Output to Lotus Notes to allow reports to be sent to the Lotus Notes database.
  4. In Lotus Notes Server, enter your server name.

    Note: To find your server name, open Lotus Notes and go to File > Database > Open.

  5. In Lotus Notes Output Database, enter AS400RPT.NSF.

    Note: This assumes that the database has been copied to the root directory NOTES/DATA on the Domino Server. You can also  find the database file name and directory location on the Domino Server by opening Lotus Notes and going to File > Database > Open.

  6. In File > Settings, check Enable Send to Lotus Notes Report Server.
  7. Restart WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server.

    The downloaded reports for the selected directory are sent to the Lotus Notes database on the Domino Server.


  • If you get a 7063 error from WinSpool/400 Batch Report Server, the path for finding the AS400RPT.NSF database is incorrect.
  • If the Notes Client Location is set to Island (Disconnected), set it to Office (Network) to connect to the intranet.
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