Follow the steps below to add or subtract XX number of days, months, or years from a Date field.

Use either of the follow methods:

  • Create a result column as follows (note:  MMDDYY is the date wrapper; choose the one that fits the date format on your AS/400)
    DATE(DateField, MMDDYY) + XX days (for addition)


    DATE(DateField, MMDDYY) - XX days (for subtraction)

    Replace "days" with "months" or "years" as needed.

  • Create a result column as follows (note:  XX is the number of days.  You do not type the word days at the end of the equation, as you do in Example #1). This is only for subtracting days, rather than months or years.
    DAYS(Date(DateField, MMDDYY)) - XX


    DAYS(Date(DateField, MMDDYY)) +  XX


To do the calculation and then convert the answer back to a date, the equation would be as follows:

DATE(DAYS(Date(DateField, MMDDYY)) - XX)  

Note: No date wrapper is used to convert the DAYS to a DATE

For calculations involving CURDTE(), the equation would be similar to the following:


Note: CURDTE() and ISO dates do not need a date wrapper


Ref#: 1479079

Ref#: 1475513




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