To check the status of Performance Navigator:

  1. Issue the following command: GO MPGLIB/PERFNAV.
  2. Select Option 7 to display:
    • Version
    • Reduced Data Date Range
    • Raw Performance Date Range
    • Other useful information
    • You will also see where PerfNav is looking for Collection Services Data (make sure this matches the library you find below)

To check the status of Collection Services:

IBM's Collection Services is different than Performance Navigator. Performance Navigator summarizes the raw data that Collection Services creates.

  1. Issue the following command: CHKPFRCOL.

    The message "Collection Services active" will show up if Collection Services is active.

  2. Put your cursor on this message and hit F1 - you will see the current member and the library that Collection Services is using.

Note: The command CFGPFRCOL is used to configure Collection Services.

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