After a successful conversion from RSF-HA 11 to Robot HA 12 or 13, you can reapply any previous modifications made to the source code in library RSFUSER. Read the information below before making these custom changes.

Note: If you haven't done the conversion yet, see Converting from RSF-HA 11 to Robot HA 12 or 13.

Objects in library RSFUSER

Library RSFUSER may contain the following items:

  • Program source members that are put into RSFUSER/QCLSRC automatically when you run the INZRSFHA command, along with any source members you copied from the sample source in RSFTOOLS:

    • STRSYNCPRD – Start custom synchronization process on production

    • STRSYNCBKP – Start custom synchronization process on backup

    • STRSYNCNEW – Start sync for new libraries and directories

    • WRKSYNCJOB – Work with sync jobs

    • CHKCDN – Check conditions

    • ADDRSFSCDE – Add RSF job scheduler entries

    • SWAPTOBKP – Role swap from prod to backup

    • SWAPTOPRD – Role swap from backup to prod

  • Any user programs you put in RSFUSER. These programs aren't copied over by the INZRSFHA command.

Remaking custom changes

Once the conversion has completed successfully and the INZRSFHA command has run, you need to reapply any customized changes made to the program source members in RSFUSER/QCLSRC. Do this manually; don't simply copy the old programs back in or recompile them from your previous source members.

Note: You can find a copy of your modified source code in RSFUSER/QCLSRCOLD. You may find you have additional source members in this file. They should be compared to RBTHALIB/RHASAMPLE (the new sample source) to see if a corresponding source member exists there. If so, the source member from RBTHALIB/RHASAMPLE should be copied to RSFUSER/QCLSRC. Then, any custom changes you've made should be applied to the source members.

Once your modifications have been made, recompile the programs. The program objects need to be in library RSFUSER. When the recompiles complete, ensure library RSFUSER is actively replicated so the changes are applied to the backup system.

Making changes to program ADDRSFSCDE

If you only need to change the time the job scheduler jobs run, you can now customize these times from the INZRSFHA command. See our documentation on Robot HA for more information.

If you have other changes to make to program ADDRSFSCDE in library RSFUSER (besides changing the time), make those changes, compile them, and rerun the program using these commands:




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