To install and set up WebDocs iSeries Lotus Notes Add-In:

  1. Install the WebDocs iSeries COM/ActiveX .Net API.
  2. Download and run the WebDocs iSeries Lotus Notes Add-In installer.

    The file unzips to: C:\PROGRAM FILES\RJS Software\WDiSeriesLotusNotesAddin

  3. Register the WebDocs iSeries Lotus Notes Add-In ActiveX server: Go to Start > Run and type:

    "C:\PROGRAM FILES\RJS Software\WDiSeriesLotusNotesAddin\WDLotusNotesAddin.exe" /RegServer

  4. In Program Files, open WebDocs iSeries Lotus Notes Add-In.
  5. Click Login.

    The Lotus Notes Add-In connects to WebDocs.

    Note: You can now minimize WebDocs iSeries Lotus Notes Add-In.

  6. Open Lotus Notes Designer and open your mail file template.
  7. Expand Open Shared Code/Agents.
  8. Click New Agent and choose the following settings:
    • Agent Name: Export Mail to WebDocs
    • Agent Comment: Export Selected Emails to WebDocs
    • Agent Options: Shared
    • Agent Trigger: On Event - Action menu selection
    • Agent Target: All Selected Documents
  9. Open the file: c:\PROGRAM FILES\RJS Software\WDiSeriesLotusNotesAddin\ExportMailtoWebDocsAgent.txt
  10. Copy the contents of the ExportMailtoWebDocsAgent.txt file and paste them into the new agent's code field.
  11. Save the new agent.

You can now use Actions > Export Mail to WebDocs in the Lotus Notes client to check in one or more highlighted emails to WebDocs:

  • To check in an email to WebDocs, choose a folder, Document Type, title (by default the email subject), and search keys and click OK
  • All emails are saved in MIME format and can be viewed with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
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