Viewing the Job's Environment

Right click on a job, and go to properties.  Select the control tab.  The environment field is in the lower left.

Finding the *RBTDFT Values

*RBTDFT means the job uses the default values for the attached environment.  To view the values, select Show Defaults in the lower right of the job properties window.

Changing Environment Values

The default environment values can be overridden at the job level.  On the control tab for the job, a value can be changed from the *RBTDFT without affecting other jobs that utilize the environment.  Use the magnifying glass next to fields to view a list of available options for the system.

To change the deafult value for the environment, expand scheduling objects on the left, select job environment objects, and double click on the environment to view the values.  Make changes to the values here and select save to change what jobs use for *RBTDFT with this environment.

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