Sequel Data Warehouse builds and loads tables. That is all they are from a database perspective,  whether modeled and designed as data warehouse tables, data mart tables or operational data store (ODS) tables. 

In reality, some tables, such as the Customer Master table, or the Products table logically belong in all 3 of these areas. Sequel Data Warehouse doesn't force you to make a distinction at the database level. Your front-end tool may make that distinction, in which case Sequel Data Warehouse's agnostic approach is often a benefit.

If you wish, you can maintain separate Data Warehouse, Data Mart and ODS environments. This may be a good idea for very large scale Enterprise level implementations with many hundreds or even thousands of tables. If your scope is smaller and you have a few hundred tables or less, it may be easier to keep them all in the same environment. With Sequel Data Warehouse you have the flexibility to design your environment the way that works best for you. 

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