User tried loading and running the .NET 2.0 version of the WebDocs iSeries Explorer client on their PC and it won't display. The program seems to work on other similarly configured PCs. 
The user gets the following errors in the Windows Event Log after the program dies on startup:
.NET 2.0 Runtime Error - unable to open shim database version registry key - v2.0.50727.00000
.NET 2.0 Runtime Error - EventType clr20r3 webdocsiseriestabinterface.exe  - system.invalidoperationexception
This generic .NET 2.0 error can mean that the user has no permissions to the registry keys for .NET 2.0 or files can be missing.


The following file resolved the WebDocs client startup issues:
Several of the more recent Microsoft C runtime files were missing from the user's PC. These files can be installed by Windows software vendor products, however most vendors don't distribute these particular runtime files because they are usually on a current PC that runs Windows XP, Vista or 2003. 
The self-extracting ZIP download EXE contains the appropriate Microsoft C Runtime DLL files.It seems that the possible missing files were:
Note: Most PCs will already have these files, so when you run this on a user's PC, make sure to say "No" to replacing existing files. 
That way only the files that were missing will get installed. These are not ActiveX/Com files so no registration is needed. Simply unzip to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 
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