Installing RJS Barcode ActiveX for Scripting

  1. Download RJS Barcode ActiveX
  2. Register RJS Barcode ActiveX:
    1. Go to Start > Run.
    2. Run the following command:


Using RJS Barcode ActiveX for Scripting

Available Barcode Types

0-EAN 15-Code 11 30-PostNet-Cp    45-EAN-14
1-EAN-8 16-Codabar 31-FIM A 46-Planet 12
2-EAN+2 17-MSI 32-FIM B 47-Planet 14
3-EAN+5 18-Ex Code39    33-FIM C 48-ISSN
4-UPC-A 19-UPCA+2 34-RM4SCC 49-ISMN
5-UPC-E 20-UPCA+5 35-4-State 50-SSCC
6-ITF 21-EAN8+2 36-Code-93 51-KoreanPA
7-ITF-6 22-EAN8+5 37-Ex Code93 52-Poste Itanliane 39
8-Code-39 23-UPCE+2 38-ISBN_ 53-Poste Itanliane 25
9-Code-128 24-UPCE+5 39-Matrix 2/5 54-ISBN+2
10-EAN-128    25-Telepen 40-Plessey 55-ISBN+5
11-2 of 5 26-Telepen A 41-AustraliaP 56-ISSN+2
12-I-2/5 27-Telepen N 42-Swiss 57-ISSN+5
13-3 of 9 28-PostNet-A 43-DeutscheP 58-JapanPost
14-CODE-B 29-PostNet-C 44-SICI  

Function Description

Use the function GenBarCode to generate a barcode bitmap image based on the selected information and pass the barcode file back to the selected file name.

  1. Barcode Text Value - String
  2. Barcode Output Type - Integer
  3. Barcode Output Path - String
  4. Optional barcode width - Integer (Default = 30)
  5. Optional barcode height - Integer (Default = 15)
  6. Optional show barcode text caption - Integer (Default = 0 - No Show)
  7. Optional barcode text caption font size - Integer (Default = 10)
Returns: Path and file name of the new barcode as a string

Error: Returns an empty string.

Scripting Barcodes into the Form

For help opening the FormDocs Script Editor, see FormDocs Automation Basic Editor Scripting Samples.
Sample code for using RJS Barcode ActiveX:
'Sample Barcode VB Script Code (updated 8/23/05)
Dim bc As Object
Dim bcfile As String
Dim rtn As Long

'Create barcode object
Set bc = CreateObject("RJSBarcode.CRJSBarcode")

'Make directory if not found
rtn = bc.MakeDirectory("c:\barcodes")

'Use one example from the three below.  Comment out the others.

' 1.
'Try to gen barcode with default size and no barcode text
bcfile = bc.GenBarcode("123345">, 13, "c:\barcodes",0,0,0,0)

'     - or -

' 2.
'Try to gen barcode with new size and barcode text at 5 points.
bcfile = bc.GenBarcode("123345">, 13, "c:\barcodes",10,5,1,5)

'     - or -

' 3.
'Try to gen barcode using the value in a field on the form.
'For this example, we will call the field "'''YOUR_FIELD'''".
'Replace this with a field that exists on your form.
bcfile = bc.GenBarcode(ThisForm.Fields("YOUR_FIELD").value, 13, "c:\barcodes",10,5,1,5)

'If no file name is returned, an error occurred generating barcode.
'If a file name is returned, bcfile can be moved into a FormDocs field.
'NOTE: IF you use the field name below, you MUST have a field
'named "BARCODE_FIELD" that is set to a 'Picture' Format.

If bcfile = "" Then
MsgBox "No barcode"
ThisForm.Fields("BARCODE_FIELD").value = bcfile
End If

'Delete work file
rtn = bc.DeleteFile(bcfile)

'Release barcode object
Set bc = Nothing
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