The following table details supported products.


Please be aware that this document is constantly updated as new product versions are released. Before referring to this document please make sure you download the latest version from our Website at: Product Brand: Tango04

Product Version
Vityl & IT Business Monitoring 6.6
VISUAL Message Center 11.6
Data Monitor for iSeries 5.1
Notifier 8.0
VISUAL Debugger - 5350 Edition 5.2
VISUAL Message Center Dashboards 8.0 SP3
VISUAL Message Center Debugging Agent 5.0
VISUAL Message Center (iSeries Modules) 6.0
VISUAL Message Center iSeries Performance Manager 9.0
VISUAL Message Center iSeries Support Agent 5.1
VISUAL Message Center Performance Agent 9.0


Visual Message Center 11.6 can be downloaded from  - Product Brand Tango/04.  

You must click on  “Tango04 Visual Message Center” and then VISUAL Message Center - Unified Installer.

If you are looking for old products: SmartConsole, ThinkServer, Reports, Nicelink, AccessSever  … you should also use this Unified installer.

Note: Any product versions not included in this table are no longer supported.

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