Problem Statement:

Can the location of the paradox file ( that is created on users C drive each time they log into Report Writer be changed?

For instance:
Using a CITRIX environment, the file is created in a location where the users do not have access or authority on C:\. When users attempt to log into Report Writer, the application hangs. Is it possible to change the default location of where the paradox driver is creating that particular file to a location on the network or somewhere were the users have access and authority?


  1. Search the PC for BDECFG32.EXE
  2. Double click on the file.
  3. Say okay to the message (System Configuration File Not Found)
  4. You should now be in the BDE Configuration Utility
  5. Select the Paradox Driver
  6. Change the Net Directory from the default of C:\ to some other location that the user has authority to.
  7. Click the RED X and reply "Yes" to prompt for saving changes to the config file.


Ref#: 1477300





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