After receiving a pooled remote access license, you should receive an email that includes the pooled license key.

  1. Copy the license key from within the message (see yellow highlighted text below).
    Sample email
  2. From Intermapper> Edit > Server Settings > Registration, click the Plus icon.
  3. In the new window, paste the license key from the email and click Register.
    Add License
  4. The Registration window should display that the IMRemoteAccessPool license has been registered. Adjust the column width as needed to view the text in its entirety.
    Server Settings
  5. Click Edit > Server Settings > Users. Each user needs a user profile before they can log in to the server.
    Server Settings 2
  6. Open Intermapper.
    Map List
  7. Click the Plus icon to add information about the Intermapper server that you want to connect to.
  8. Type the username and password that was created for one of the pooled remote access users.
    Log In
  9. The map list for the server is displayed.
    Map List 2
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