Initial Setup:

  1. Install WebDocs Tray Capture
  2. Make sure that you start up WebDocs Tray Capture and add a shortcut to the user?s Startup folder. This utility must be running to use the "Print to WebDocs" feature.
  3. Install PDFCreator

Configure PDFCreator:

  1. Open PDFCreator
  2. Go to Options/Autosave
  3. Check Autosave
  4. Go to Options/Actions
  5. Enable the "Action After Saving" setting.
  6. For Program/Script, enter C:\Program Files\RJS Software\WebDocs Tray Capture\RJSMessageHelper.exe
  7. For Program parameters enter: WebDocs Tray Capture~;DELETEFILE. This will pass the file name to the WebDocs Tray Capture application after printing with PDF Creator
  8. For Window Style, select: Normal/Focus
  9. Enable the "Wait until the Program/script ready" setting.

Now you should be able to print to PDFCreator print driver and have the results show up in WebDocs Tray Capture. WebDocs Tray Capture should pop up automatically after a file is printed. Tray Capture program must be already started and running in the system tray.

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