Robot Monitor 14

Robot Monitor is the most comprehensive, in-depth monitoring solution available for IBM i, giving you the highest degree of monitoring for your critical IT infrastructure.

By monitoring the performance of your entire IBM i environment in real time, you and your team can proactively respond to issues before they impact user productivity or resources. Plus, modern dashboards allow you to see all your data from a central location to maximize uptime and optimize performance.

Key features for Robot Monitor include:

  • An updated and contemporary graphical user interface
  • A tailorable central dashboard
  • Several system views used for performance monitoring
  • A PTF Listing view that provides PTF accuracy checking
  • Customizable graphical reporting
  • Real-time threshold notifications
  • Integration with other Robot products

The Robot Monitor GUI

  • New icons and menus give it a sleek, modern feel.
  • Use the Home Menu sidebar to quickly access multiple views, including new, customizable dashboards, system and group views, threshold activity, and calendars.
  • Activate and customize the Speech function, which announces real-time information about system thresholds without interrupting your work flow. Use the settings to change the speech engine, alert rate, and volume. 
  • Set up security to manage authorities and user profiles, create new data definitions, work with thresholds and SST (system service tools), and more.

Customizable Dashboards

  • The dashboards display a mix of real-time, historical, and disk summary information.
  • Use widgets to view data and important summary information across one system or multiple systems.
  • Drill-down into system views from the dashboard to quickly pinpoint the cause of system issues.
  • Personalize your dashboards with text, image, and icon widgets. For example, you can map out a network on a dashboard using locational images, system icons, and text labels.
  • Choose a default dashboard to be the Home Dashboard. This dashboard becomes the landing page whenever you open the Robot Monitor GUI.

New System Data Views 

For each system or system group, you can open several types of views to analyze real-time and historical summarized data. These views include:

  • The Monitor view (displays current data for the selected systems)
  • The Short-term History view (displays up to nine hours of data for one or more elements)
  • The Detailed History view (displays line graphs of historical data)
  • The History Summary view (displays a summarized view of your system’s performance data)
  • The Disk Summary view (displays daily-collected summarized disk data)
  • The High CPU Users view displays a list of the jobs using the most CPU. You can:
    • Drill down into this view from the Short-term History or Detailed History views.
    • View real-time high CPU data or past high CPU data
    • Work with a high CPU job directly from the view (if authorized)

PTF Listings

  • The PTF Comparison view allows you to group and compare
  • PTFs on systems at the same release level without using a 5250 session.
  • Menu options allow you to run a Google search for PTF details and release information.
  • You can view PTF details for a specific system.

Graphical Reporting

Some of Robot Monitor’s system views can be added as graphs to a report list. These reports allow for respective analysis and predictive forecasting.

  • You can run the report immediately or save it as a set on your local PC to be run at a later date.
  • Reports can be scheduled and automated to save time and resources.
  • Report results can be saved as an image, printed, or emailed.
  • You can determine a graph’s properties when adding it to the report.

Environments, Thresholds, and More...

  • Robot Monitor supports environments of any size, whether you’re running a single partition or more than 100 partitions.
  • The Current Thresholds view allows you to see all the currently active thresholds. You can acknowledge them individually or all together.
  • Use the Threshold Log to view detailed history of all thresholds triggered on your local PC.
  • Integrate Robot Monitor with Robot Schedule, Robot Console, Robot Alert, and Robot Network.
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