Sometimes after loading objects into the Abstract cross-reference you may notice extra, unwanted libraries have been added. Unwanted libraries appear only if the HLL program service data points to the unwanted library.

To find the references to these unwanted libraries, you can execute the LOADXREF command and specify to load all of the objects. Doing a load on all of the objects creates a job log that references the unwanted libraries with a DOC0098 message, as shown in the following example:

DOC0098 - Message . . . . :   Processing source for TESTLIB/SRCFILE MBR(SRCMBR).

When running a single library through ABSTRACT containing programs, data, and source code, you can make ABSTRACT examine just that library (stop it from pulling in references to objects outside of the library). On the LOADXREF command, specify TYPE(*SRCF).

The *SRCF parameter ignores external relationships with objects in other libraries.


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