Error 10202 basic call failed.  Tracepoint: 1500 occurs when trying to check-in a document with VB Scripting enabled.


Your version of Scan Workstation is expecting more parameters than your script file is passing.
There have been two points where parameters have been added to the Scan Workstation scripting.
The first was at version 1.1.51; we added support for folder levels 4 and 5. We will not go into adding these parameters in depth; in short, you should search for:
sDocFlr3 As String
and make two more like lines for sDocFlr4 and sDocFlr5. This is primarily a concern in the RJSPreProcessExitProgram function.
The second change was made at version 2.0.37 of Scan Workstation. This involved adding the object objiSeriesConnection to a number of locations in the script.
You can download a copy of the 'before' default script (it has support for sDocFlr4 and sDocFlr5, does not have objiSeriesConnection) (from version 2.0.35 of Scan Workstation), and the 'after' default script (version 2.0.37). These are .bas files and may be blocked by some corporate firewalls.
Rather than compare your script to the new default script and manually add the new parameters, we have built a utility which will analyze your script and add the parameter to the appropriate functions automatically.
Run the self-extractor. Drag your current script onto the ScriptFix1.exe file, and it will be processed. A .out file will be created with the new parameters. You can back up your original script and rename the output file to .bas to use it with Scan Workstation.
Please test your script and ensure that any custom functionality still works as expected. Contact Technical Support if you have any questions.
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