Problem Statement:
How to prompt from a PC file.


ShowCase Query has an option to directly feed a value(s) into a prompted variable from a PC file. This allows easy integration of data from another Query or an outside source as a conditioning variable. File data in the following formats are usable: Excel 8.0, Borland dBASE II, III, and IV (DBF) Text (TXT) Comma Separated Values (CSV).

  1. When creating a new condition to be prompted from a PC file, use the Query conditions dialog and choose the column you want to condition on and set the condition to IS IN.
  2. Click on Prompt and drop down on Source Of Prompt Answers to List of Values from a PC file.
  3. Next click on source details. From this screen browse to the file you plan to use as the source of the prompt value. Note: This file should contain only data with no column headings or field names. Also if using Excel for a source file the Excel file must be 8.0 or Biff4 format.
  4. To ensure the query runs without prompting the user be certain to check Use values without prompting.
  5. The Value Column Number defaults to 1 and it is preferred to only have 1 column of data and possibly a description column in your file. Note: If your file has more than 1 column of data be certain the correct column number is referenced in the Value Column Number window.
  6. Click OK and be sure to click apply so your condition appears in the Added Conditions window.
  7. At this point save the Query to make sure the changes are not lost and run it to determine if the prompting is producing the desired results.
  8. If the prompt files is being updated by another application, the file must be closed for Query to read it (make sure the application used to create the prompt files closes when finished creating the file.


Ref#: 1479245





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