Discover how to use Intermapper probes to retrieve important information on the devices youre monitoring in your network.



Welcome to working with Intermapper Probes. This quick tutorial will show you how you can use Intermapper probes to retrieve important information from the devices youre monitoring.

Probes are software plugins that test a device. They do this by retrieving certain kinds of data from the device, then comparing that data to set thresholds”providing alerts if needed”and displaying the results.

Right now we are looking at a device being pinged with a standard ping probe. Well open the devices status window to show what you can see with it. The status window gives a lot of information about the device: you can see the DNS name, the IP address of the device, and what probe has been assigned to the device. You can also see response time and packet loss information here. Ive previously prepared another probe that I am going to import into Intermapper that will test a different kind of information about the device.

So, Im going to choose File, Import, and then select probe. Next Ill click OK, and it will import into Intermapper to be used. So now Ill add this probe to the existing device.

Next, Ill right click on the device and choose set probe. The probe window will now appear. This is where you can select any one of the hundreds of built-in probes that is shipped with the product. As you can see, its already using the ping echo probe, but I want to change that to the probe I just imported. So Ill scroll to the location of the probe I want to use and select that probe. Then Ill click OK to accept the changes.

Now, if you open the device status you can start to see some additional information on the probe we selected. If you look down at the bottom of the status window, you can see data being generated by the probe.

And that is Intermapper Probes! It shows you how Intermapper retrieves data from the device and displays it in the status window, giving you important information about the behavior of the device._

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