You can use WinSpool/400 PCL to PDF Converter with WinSpool/400 Email Report Server to convert reports generated by EZ Print/400, Formation NG, Optio, or any other product that generates PCL-based electronic forms. You can also automatically convert regular iSeries reports to PCL with Host Print Transform and then convert the reports to PDF. 
  • WinSpool/400 Email Report Server version 3.0.18 or above
  • WinSpool/400 version 3.11 or above
  • WinSpool TCP/IP APIs version 1.2.7 or above - Check the file version of WNSPIP32.DLL.
To configure WinSpool/400 Email Report Server to use WinSpool/400 PCL to PDF Converter:
  1. On the iSeries, enter the access code for WinSpool/400 PCL to PDF Report Converter from RJS Software.
  2. If you are using Host Print Transform and not raw PCL, on the iSeries, run the following command:


  3. On the PC, in WinSpool/400 Email Report Server, go to File > Setting, choose the AFP/IPDS Options tab, and make sure that only the following check boxes are checked:
    • Enable Native Host Print Transform
    • Enable AFP/IPDS to PDF Conversion
    • Converting PCL Input Files
  4. From the Edit Output Queue/Email Recipient List screen, change the following settings:
    1. For all output queues that will handle PCL-to-PDF reports, disable Use AFP Download.
    2. For each email recipient who will receive PCL-to-PDF reports, for Output Type, choose ADF.

Note: WinSpool/400 PCL to PDF Converter will fail unless the /RJSTEMP IFS directory exists. If this directory does not exist, you will see an error message regarding a WSPLRAW command.

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