Note: The following is adapted from comments on the Lotus Gold Forum.
If you have "server not responding" issues, try the following:
  1. Log in to Domino Console (WRKDOMSVR SVRNAME) and run the following command to see which IP address the TCP/IP port is bound to, where TCPIP is your Domino port:


    The bindings display.

    • If all IPs are bound to the Domino Server, the port looks like this: *:1352
    • If it is bound to a specific IP address, it looks like this:
  2. Bind the TCP/IP port to a specific IP address by adding or modifying the following entries in the NOTES.INI configuration file, substituting your IP address for

    TCPIP=TCP, 0, 15, 0

  3. In the Domino Administrator/Current Server document, choose the Ports/Notes Network Ports tab and change the Net Address to match the bound IP address of the server instead of using a host name.

    For example:

To enable Lotus Notes clients to use an additional IP interface on a partitioned server:
  1. Create and enable a new Domino port that uses the TCP/IP protocol.
  2. Add a statement the NOTES.INI as follows, where TCPIP2 is the new protocol:

    TCPIP2=TCP, 1, 15,0

  3. Change the Ports statement to:


  4. Add the following statement, where x.x.x.x is the second IP address:


  5. Update the Network Configuration document for the Domino server with the new port name and enable it. 
  6. On the client, add a connection document that points to the new TCP/IP address.

    Note: You may be able to avoid this step by having all Notes clients access a DNS that resolves the Notes server name to the correct address and this name matches the NET ADDRESS in the server document. Clients use the NET ADDRESS in the server document to determine how to connect to a server.

  7. Connect to the server from the client.
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