Problem Statement:

Prior to Showcase Client version 7.10, global variables were stored in the Vista.sav file, which was stored as ANSI. In ShowCase Client  version 7.10 (Unicode release) and higher, this file is now known as Vista.savu and is required to be stored as Unicode. The problem that may arise is when multiple clients share the same vista.sav file within a network environment.


ShowCase 7.1 clients will only recognize the vista.savu file and previous versions of ShowCase clients will only recognize the vista.sav file.

To have ALL PC's use the same global variables, then ALL PC's must have the same ShowCase Client version installed. Otherwise, any updates made to a global variable by a ShowCase 7.1 client will not be seen by a previous ShowCase client version.

Steps to retain the global variable attributes from one PC to another PC:

  1. Copy the Vista.sav (Vista.savu) file from the PC where the global variables were created, to another user's PC or place the Vista.sav (Vista.savu) file on a network drive.
  2. Delete all other Vista.sav (Vista.savu) files from the user's PC.
  3. Make sure the registry key, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ShowCase\Query\Options\VistaSessionSaveFile, contains the path where the Vista.sav (Vista.savu) file resides (either on the network or local path).
  4. Make sure the user has "write" access to the Vista.sav (Vista.savu) file Global variable attributes that are saved in the Vista.sav file and were designed to be "global" to all queries on one PC.


Ref#: 1475150


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