Viewing the Connection and License Status of Agents

From the GUI, expand enterprise server, and select agents. A list of agents will appear, with the status on the right.

Stop or Restart an Agent from the GUI

Right click on the agent, and select either Stop or Stop and Restart from the menu.

Starting Windows Agents

Log on to the windows system. Open the start menu, and search for Robot Schedule Agent Manager. Select the agent, and then select start.

Windows agents start automatically with the system be default. The agent uses a windows service that automatically runs upon startup.

Starting Linux or Unix Agents

Log on to the system, and navigate to the agent directory. By default, it is "/opt/helpsystems/schent".

There are three scripts to maintain the agent:

  1. will show the status of the agent
  2. will stop the agent
  3. will start the agent

Linux and Unix agents do not start automatically with the system by default. A call to /opt/helpsystems/schent/ can be added to the list of startup scripts for the OS. The user running the script will own the processes. It's not recommended to start the agent as root.

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