If you copy or create a DotNet program directory on a local PC, the program launches successfully. However, if you copy the same program directory to a network drive letter or UNC path, a DotNet security runtime error occurs when you try to launch the program. A cryptic error message displays that looks like a GPF error.


XCOPY allows you to copy and unzip applications that use only DotNet Common Language Runtime components to a local drive or network drive without any special registration. You need to configure the settings to allow XCOPY to work with a DotNet application on a network drive.
This example assumes that the DotNet program uses .Net Common Language Runtime Version 1.1 (CLR 1.1) and was created with Visual Studio 2003. However, these instructions can also be adapted for CLR 2.0 and above and Visual Studio 2005.
Note: Before you make these changes, check with your network administrator.
  1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 Wizards.

    Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 Wizards opens.

  2. Choose Adjust .Net Security.

    The Security Adjustment Wizard displays.

  3. Choose Make changes to this computer and click Next.
  4. Choose Internet - Full Trust and click Next.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Run your program again from the network drive.

    The program now runs correctly. 

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