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Subject: Re: THREED20.OCX active 3d, trouble distributing, some resolution. 
Date: 1997/04/03 
Author: Shawn Lee  
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Here is what Sheridan sent to me on the problem.

Are you including STDOLE.TLB instead of STDOLE2.TLB in your setup? Please make sure you are including all the necessary support files as listed in the Distribution Notes for ActiveThreed in the online help.  If you are missing any or have an incorrect version, the control 
will not register properly.

Please note:  The versions of OLEAUT32.DLL and STDOLE2.TLB in the Distributable Files are incorrect.
OLEAUT32.DLL is 4.20.4049 - should be 2.20.xxxx
STDOLE2.TLB  is  4.20.4049 - should be 2.20.xxxx

You should not have to register STDOLE2.TLB.

The problems you are experiencing can also occur if other applications are running when you install the product, preventing correct registration of the control on the system.  Try uninstalling, then reinstalling the product, making sure all other applications on your system are shut down first.

We have posted a document on our Web site that includes installation guidelines for our products, both on development and client machines.  You may want to download this file for reference.  It is called 

I hope this helps.
Any further problems, just let us know.

Valerie/Sheridan Software Technical Support

I found the install.doc semi informative, it took a little while to locate on there site.  You can also get latest dlls off there site.  I got it running on one of the machines that was having trouble by copying mfc40.dll, msvcrt.dll, olepro30.dll, oleaut32.dll to the windows\system and registered them with regsvr32.  Some registered and some got an error. Threed20.ocx still could not register.  I put ssppg.dll on and registered it. Got an error.  Registered olepro32 again. Successful, registered ssppg.dll, successful this time, registered threed20.ocx and whala, it registered successfully.  Why? I don't know.  ssppg.dll is a non distributable file that came with theed20 and is used in the development environment.  So I unregistered it (regsvr32 /u ssppg.dll) and deleted it and threed20 still works.  Maybe that had nothing to do with it working.  I know I registered everyone of those dlls 20 times each yesterday while working on this problem.  The other pc we have that is having the problem is out of the offi
ce until Monday, so I wont be able to test it again till then.


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Shawn Lee  wrote in article
> Distribution problem
> VB4, Win95, THREED20.OCX
> We've tried Wise & vb setup wizard.
> Everytime we try to run the app we get
>  "Can't load (or register) custom control: Threed20.ocx"
> It runs fine on some other machines,  on the machines with the trouble
> we've registered the required files MSVCRT.DLL, OLEAUT32.DLL,
> and copied the file STD0LE2.TLB.  Registering with regsvr32, we get this
> error while registering MSVCRT.DLL & OLEAUT32.DLL
>  "c:\windows\sys...dll was loaded, but the dllRegisterServer 
>  entry point was not found.  DllRegisterServer may not be exported,
>  or a corrupt version may be in memory.  Consider using Pview to detect 
>  and remove it."
> But OLEPRO32.DLL registers successfully.
> On the development machines we get that same message when registering
> MSVCRT.DLL also, but THREED20.OCX still registers there.
> Any help would be WHAWHO!! 
> Please copy response to my email,
> Thanks
> Shawn
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