The iForms Server errors when trying to extract a text or spool file with an error similar to the following:

Error Normalizing Template /rjsiforms/invoice.rjsxml. Caused by 
com.rjssoftware.iforms.extractor.DataFieldException: Error End Column "33" NOT Valid 
for Field SHIPTO))


Verify that the field specified in the error has a valid definition and meets the requirements for your version of iForms Server.


The iForms Server is rejecting the RJSXML template because the field "SHIPTO" is failing validation. In this case it is rejecting the End Column value of 33 because the field length is too small. The minimum field size is two characters in iForms Server versions 2.0.0 ? 2.1.0. It has been reduced to one character in version 2.1.1.

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