When there is a space in a folder name, you encounter search issues in WebDocs iSeries and get the following message after moving a document:
Document was moved
User has no document access permissions to this document or the document does not exist. See the WebDocs Administrator for assistance.


Use the following SQL statements to remove the space in the folder name. This example changes the folder name HUMAN RESOURCES to HUMANRESOURCES:
Note: Back up or make a copy of the RJSIMAGE library before running these SQL statements.
  1. Update the Folder Name if Folder Table:

    DOCSQL SQLSTM('update docflr00 set docflr1 = ''HUMANRESOURCES'' where docflr1 = '''HUMAN RESOURCES''')

  2. Update the Folder User Security Table:

    DOCSQL SQLSTM('update docsec00 set dfolder1 = ''HUMANRESOURCES'' where dfolder1 = '''HUMAN RESOURCES''')

  3. Updating the Document Index Table:

    DOCSQL SQLSTM('update docs00 set folder1 = ''HUMANRESOURCES'' where folder1 = '''HUMAN RESOURCES''')

    Note: Be sure to use multiple single quotemarks throughout, and not double quotemarks.

    Note: docflr1, dfolder1, folder1 refer to level-one folders. Use 2 instead of 1 for level-two folders; 3 for level-three folders; and so on.

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