You can configure MessengerPlus to monitor messages that appear on the system when MessengerPlus isn't running. To do so, set a Read Back Limit on each message queue that MessengerPlus is monitoring. Typically, when the product is started, it monitors any message from the queues starting with the current time. But the Read Back Limit enables Messenger Plus to read backwards through the queue to see if it missed anything while it was not running.

For example, if you set the Read Back Limit on a message queue in MessengerPlus to 30, and then start the product at 10:00, it will go back to 09:30 and process messages from that time forward.

To implement this configuration:

  1. From the Main MessengerPlus menu, enter option 50, Setup Menu.

  2. Enter option 5, Work with Monitoring.

  3. Locate the Message Queue monitor and enter a 2 next to the monitor.

  4. When the Monitor Details panel appears, press Enter to show the Message Queue Options panel.

  5. Make the desired change to the Read Back Limit.

  6. Press Enter twice to return to the Work With Monitors panel.



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