Problem Statement:

SCSERVER job taking 86% of CPU - "Error info: 3448 occurred accepting a connection." is filling joblog.
This only occurs after an IPL when STRSCSVR is done by the system start up job.
Issuing ENDSCSVR then STRSCSVR allows the Showcase servers to start without errors.


  1. End Showcase server using the ENDSCSVR command  and then restart your ShowCase server using the STRSCSVR command.
  2. If the ShowCase server does not end using the ENDSCSVR command then use ENDJOBABN to end the job if it will not end normally.


Note: This error may be caused by attempting to start the AOS server job before TCP has completed activation of the HTTP servers. It may also be generated if HTTP server is ended prior to ending an active AOS server job. If this occurs when STRSCSVR is done by QSTRUP then consider additional delay between STRTCP and STRSCSVR .


Ref#: 1475990





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