Before You Begin

When renaming an itservice database, you need to edit one file and one folder. When doing this, you need to retain the current permissions.


  1. Shut down Vityl Monitor.
  2. Back up the \data\databasename directory, the \data\cf\itsar directory, and all associated subdirectories and contents.
  3. Navigate to the itservice data directory.

    The itservice data directory includes a directory for the itservice database. For example, itdb1. You can rename the folder as needed.

    There is also a file called databases in the data/cf/itsar directory that includes a line similar to the following:

    itdb1:administrators,analysts,managers,Public User,users

    Change the old name to the new name. For example, change it from itdb1 to itdb2, such as the following:

    itdb2:administrators,analysts,managers,Public User,users

  4. In the data\cf\itsar directory, search for itdb1 and change the folder names from itdb1 to itdb2.

    These folders vary, depending on the customizations. For example, they can be in several folders, but most likely they are located in the users and system_directories folders.


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