In order to purge documents from the WebDocs System, you must first select all the documents that you wish to purge and then perform the actual purge process itself.
This process is intentionally manual to ensure that you do not lose documents by mistake.

To Select your Documents

1.  Use DOCEXPSEL to mark group of documents using the date range and folder attributes.
2.  Use CALL DOC307C to do select documents interactively. 

To Purge Documents

1. Use DOCEXPDEL to move the reports that were selected in the above step into the WebDocs DELETED  folder. 
2. You can then purge the deleted docs with DOCCLRDEL
NOTE: Purging documents will permanently remove them from the system.  Once they are purged from the system, you will only be able to recover those documents by restoring them from a previous backup.
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