Automatically set index keys for WebDocs iSeries when the Batch Report Server/400 output-queue monitor captures a document.


As of Batch Report Server/400 version 1.23, you can use the OVRPRTF command to set index values in the user defined data of a document when the iSeries or iSeries Report Splitter generates the document.

Use the following format for the user defined data:

IMGSERVER:Doc Title;Index1;Index2;Index3;Index4;Index5;Index6;Index7;Index8;Index9;Index 10;Doc Type;

For example: To set:

  • The document title to Customer Invoice.
  • The first index key - invoice number - to 123456.
  • The second index key - customer name - to Johnson Outboard.
  • The Document Type to AR.

Use OVRPRTF to give the document the following user defined data:

IMGSERVER:Customer Invoice;123456;Johnson Outboard; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;AR;

Note: Delimit parameters with a semicolon (;). If you are not using a parameter, type a blank space in that parameter.

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